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Model's Lower Face


Botox can be used to temporarily diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles underneath. A treatment that fits into any busy schedule and  is used to treat the following: 

  • Forehead wrinkles

  • Bunny lines

  • Glabella ("11s" in between eyebrows)

  • Marionette Lines

  • Frown Lines

  • Under Eye Lines

  • Chin or Jaw 

  • Migranes, TMJ, or teeth grinding 

 All provided by a board certified doctor with years of experience. Book your appointment with us today.


We offer Juvederm products including Volbella, Vollure, Voluma, and Juvererm Ultra XC. These can be used for: 

  • Lip Augmentation (Lip Injections)

  • Cheek and jawline enhancements

  • Treat deeper wrinkles

  • Fill in nasolabial folds or smile lines

  • and more

Model's Lower Face
Beauty Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation

This nourishing treatment will make you shine. Discover a Herndon spa where you’ll feel awakened, balanced, and rested within a warm, welcoming environment. Reconnect with yourself by experiencing our unique and soothing Facial Rejuvenation.

Our Facial Menu Includes:

  • Classic Facial

  • Ultrasonic Facial

  • Chemical Peel

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Microcurrent

  • Mini Add on features can also be discussed during your appointment.

Find serenity and balance with one of our skilled practitioners. Book your appointment today.


Latisse is a product used to increase the rate of growth as well as the length of your eyelashes. It is an FDA approved treatment as well as a swift and painless process that will leave you looking and feeling fresher. Book an appointment today.

Long Lashes

Fractional Non Ablative Laser Treatment

Fractional lasers deliver heat deep into the dermal layer of the skin. The treatment eliminates old pigmented cells while tightening skin and remodeling collagen to smooth out wrinkles. Healthy, tighter skin grows to replace wrinkled and pigmented skin. Multiple sessions may be needed in some cases.

IPL Treatment

Our Intensed Pulse Light or Photofacial treatment is used to improve your skin's appearance using light-based technology. The results of this treatment include reduced appearance of brown spots, sun damage (sun spots), visible vessels, and redness.Get the glowing skin you want with minimal downtime. Multiple sessions may be needed to get the best results.

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Three For Me

Say goodbye to tired, dull skin – and hello to a brighter, younger-looking you!

Only ThreeForMe™ laser treatments address three common skin concerns – wrinkles, sun damage and facial veins – all within one procedure. The procedure is only 30 minutes and has minimal downtime, getting you the best results possible while still fitting within your busy schedule.

How it works

ThreeForMe™ is exclusive to the clinically-proven Icon™ laser and is performed in two steps.

  1. The first step addresses discoloration and facial veins using an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology.  

  2. The second step addresses wrinkles and fine lines using a “microbeam” laser technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production – the keys to the support structure of our skin.

Combining these technologies provides the benefits of both in less time – giving you the younger-looking skin you want, only sooner!

Want to experience these treatments for yourself? Get in touch with us to book yours today.


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